We will identify issues and solve them with a variety of Cloud Analytics Solutions, from predictive and Machine Learning, to Data Lakes and self service BI.

AI driven Marketing

Targeting Customers with right product of their interest is crucial in improving sales and generating revenue.

Naturallanguage driven database Quering

A solution that uses advanced Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing technology to Allow you to use EnglishInteract with your database in English and reduce the usage of sql.

Intelligent NLP Search

Built an intelligent search Engine using Azure Data Components like Azure Data Factory, HD Insights and Big Data Analytics.

AI driven insights in to After sales market potential

Solution that uses Artificial Intelligence to target customers with the right product recommendations in online shopping as well as omni-channel promotions.

Advance Analytics for Banking

Use of advanced analytical models to analyse Back office efficiency in banks, and provides insights on how to improve performance, and in-turn drive customer satisfaction and retention.

Real time Engine to Analyse Social Media Analytics

Built anExhaustive analytics dashboard to get insights.

Click Stream Analytics

A scalable architecture for the analytics using Azure Data Platform components – Event Hub to stream the clickstream data, HD Insights for Big Data and Analytics over all the data and Azure Stream Analytics for Realtime Analytics.

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