Streaming analytics

Streaming Analytics

Streaming analytics also called real-time analytics is comparatively new. Stream processing analyses and performs actions on real-time data through the use of continuous queries. Streaming analytics connects to external data sources, enabling applications to integrate certain data into the application flow, or to update an external database with processed information.

Real-time analytics tells you what is happening right now.

This essential difference explains the advantages of looking at real-time data:

  • Data visualization: A set of historical data can be placed into a single chart to communicate an overall point. But streaming data can be visualized in a way that updates in real time to show what is occurring at every single moment.
  • Business insights: Whenever an important business event occurs, it will first appear in the relevant dashboard. If the hourly sales at one of the aforementioned grocery stories plummets at an unusual time, then an alert can be triggered to tell management of a serious problem at that branch location.
  • Increased competitiveness: Businesses can discern trends and set benchmarks much more quickly, allowing them to use this data to surpass competitors who are still using the slower process of batch analysis.
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